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A peaceful and healthy world is possible

3000 people attended the natural health congress “Make Health Not War—A Peaceful and Healthy World is Possible!” at the invitation of the internationally respected physician and scientist Dr. Matthias Rath. This health congress-on the eve of the Codex Alimentarius meeting—ended with Dr. Rath’s “Appeal to the People of the World to ‘Make Health Not War.’”

Dr. Rath at the Health Congress
'Make Health Not War'

Dr. Rath called upon people of the world to free themselves from the yoke of the billion-dollar ‘business with disease.’” For decades, this business has been promising health; however, it did not succeed in eradicating many of the major diseases. Just the opposite, side effects of drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death (JAMA April 15, 1998). Drug companies have staked their exclusive claim on the human body and profited from treatments, which in most cases, delivered only more diseases.

During his speech, Dr. Rath presented advances in Cellular Medicine that can help in saving millions of lives and rid them of the most common diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Rath appealed to all people of the world to take advantage of his breakthroughs for a healthy and peaceful world. He urged seizing the historic opportunity to save millions of people from death by pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Rath stated, “either we will now succeed in liberating humanity from the scourge of the ‘business with disease’ or this unscrupulous industry will continue to enslave all mankind for generations to come.”

Worst of all, no one knows about these unscrupulous plans because public attention is diverted by the war plans against Iraq, as CODEX prepares to pass legislation restricting free access to natural health. Dr. Rath concluded by reminding health congress participants that health and peace must be achieved together: a healthy world is a peaceful one.

Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Head of the research team from Matthias Rath Inc.

Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Ph.D., Director of the Matthias Rath Research Institute in California, presented recent progress in Cellular Medicine research and clinical studies. Compelling testimonials from cancer victims who have overcome tumors in prostate, lung or bone cancers brought hope for cancer patients.

Dr. Niedzwiecki then shared the results of the first double-blind study for combating cardiac arithymia (irregular heartbeat) with nutritional programs. 131 patients, divided in two groups, received either nutritional supplements or a placebo (an inactive substance) for 6 months.

The study showed that intake of our vitamin program was responsible for significant reduction of frequent arthymic from 46% in the first 3 months to 27% in the following 4 – 6 months. These statistically significant results are the first of their kind in medicine. With longer use of vitamins higher benefits are expected. This vitamin program also doubles the chance of patients to be symptom-free during the six month study.

Other speakers from around the world shared important information with the health congress participants. Bontlefeela Setshogoe (African National Congress, South Africa), described the pharmaceutical industry’s actions in the battle against AIDS. Ms. Setshogoe revealed that in South Africa, information about effective natural remedies is being suppressed to promote the sale of expensive pharmaceutical products.

Dr. André Brie, Member of the European Parliament.
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The health congress also focused on the topics of peace and democracy. Michael Efler, a member of the German Federal “More Democracy” Committee, made an appeal for the introduction of national opinion polls and referendums across Europe so people can vote for free access for natural therapies. Later, Dr. Andre Brie, member of the European Parliament, gave a talk about the pressure EU parliamentarians experience to prevent free access to natural therapies. The final event included cultural performances by outstanding artists and testimonies from Olympic athletes who supported the idea of a Peaceful and Healthy World.