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Email sent by PAUL ANTHONY TAYLOR to politicians and political leaders in Germany, 7 November, 2017

An Open Letter sent by Dr. Matthias Rath to Chancellor Angela Merkel last week described how breakthroughs in the field of science-based natural health now enable mankind to rid itself of some of today's most widespread epidemics, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. The letter particularly highlights the continuous efforts made and tolerated by the German government to obstruct the implementation of these new scientific developments.

These obstruction efforts are not confined to within Germany alone however, but also, at the international level, to its influence on the Brussels EU and the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Moreover, nor are they being solely promoted by Mrs. Merkel's party. To the contrary, they have found support within a broad spectrum of political parties in Germany -- with the common goal of protecting and promoting German pharmaceutical exports.

But with scientific evidence of the health benefits of micronutrients now being documented in more than 60 thousand scientific publications -- that are accessible online for the people of the world to read for themselves -- these efforts are quite obviously risking the health and lives of millions of people.

By bringing Dr. Rath's Open Letter to your attention today you are hereby officially put on notice that any future effort to deprive people of access to natural health approaches can and will have legal consequences. People harmed by such restrictions will inevitably ultimately demand that those politicians who deprived them of access to these approaches will be held to account for their actions.

Paul Anthony Taylor
Executive Director
Dr. Rath Health Foundation

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