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April 26, 2013

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Quit smoking? Vitamin E may give extra boost to heart health

April 23, 2013

Taking a specific form of a vitamin E supplement can accelerate the health benefits that occur when people quit smoking, new research suggests. In the small study, improvement in blood vessel function associated with the added vitamin E potentially translates into an estimated 19 percent greater drop in future risk for cardiovascular disease.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

Can potassium cut your stroke risk?

April 14, 2013

The dangers of salt are well known, but a new study shows that you can reduce the chances of a stroke by eating more potassium.
Read article in The Guardian (UK)


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Another Link Between Autism And Antidepressants?

April 23, 2013

For the second time in two years, a study has suggested that there may be a connection, albeit a tentative one, between autism and the use of antidepressants by pregnant moms.
Read article at pharmalive.com

Settlement over Vioxx under fire

April 19, 2013

Drug company Merck has reached a $540,000 settlement with Australians who claim rofecoxib (Vioxx) gave them heart problems, but a judge is questioning if the deal is fair.
Read article on the Rheumatology Update website (Australia)

Troubling New Signals? Diabetes Drugs & Adverse Event Reports

April 18, 2013

For the past two months, there has been rising controversy over the extent to which certain diabetes drugs called GLP-1 inhibitors may cause pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Although links to pancreatitis are actually not new, one of two recent papers suggested pre-cancerous cell growth may be cause for concern, prompting both the FDA and the European Medicines Agency to start investigations.
Read article at pharmalive.com


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“Stunning” Difference of GM from non-GM Corn

April 22, 2013

A comparison of US Midwest non-GM with GM corn shows shockingly high levels of glyphosate as well as formaldehyde, and severe depletion of mineral nutrients in the GM corn.
Read article on the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) website (UK)

Spain Leads EU in GM Crops, but No One Knows Where They Are

March 27, 2013

Spain has more large-scale plantations of genetically modified seeds than any other country in the European Union (EU). Based on the number of trials conducted and the area of land planted, Spain accounts for 42 percent of all field trials of genetically modified crops in the EU, according to figures from the European Commission Joint Research Centre.
Read article on the Independent European Daily Express website (UK)


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8 in 10 parents report buying organic

April 22, 2013

WASHINGTON — U.S. families are embracing organic products in a wide range of categories, with 81 percent now reporting they purchase organic at least sometimes. This finding is one of many contained in the Organic Trade Association’s newly released 2013 U.S. Families’ Organic Attitudes and Beliefs Study, conducted Jan. 18 to 24.
Read article at agweek.com (USA)

The Privatization of Water: Nestlé Denies that Water is a Fundamental Human Right

April 20, 2013

The current Chairman and former CEO of Nestlé, the largest producer of food products in the world, believes that the answer to global water issues is privatization. This statement is on record from the wonderful company that has peddled junk food in the Amazon, has invested money to thwart the labeling of GMO-filled products, has a disturbing health and ethics record for its infant formula, and has deployed a cyber army to monitor Internet criticism and shape discussions in social media.
Read article on the Centre for Research on Globalization website

Vitamin D deficiency linked to Alzheimer's disease

April 20, 2013

A study recently published in the Journal of Alzheimer's disease suggests that vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency can be a risk factor for the disease or at least a biomarker for the disease.
Read article at foodconsumer.org


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Fraud of EU funds only a 'glimpse' of real figure, says report

April 19, 2013

A report by the UK house of lords' EU select committee says the EU's anti-fraud system has "a number of weaknesses". It also says that the amount of fraud acknowledged by the European commission at €404m "offers only a glimpse" of the levels of fraud perpetrated against the EU's budget.
Read article at theparliament.com

More Children in Greece Are Going Hungry

April 17, 2013

ATHENS — As an elementary school principal, Leonidas Nikas is used to seeing children play, laugh and dream about the future. But recently he has seen something altogether different, something he thought was impossible in Greece: children picking through school trash cans for food; needy youngsters asking playmates for leftovers; and an 11-year-old boy, Pantelis Petrakis, bent over with hunger pains.
Read article in the New York Times (USA)

Comment: As the tragic example of Greece now shows, the people of Europe should no longer believe any politician who promises them freedom from economic pressures by subjecting them to financial conditions imposed by the dictatorial Brussels EU. When the Brussels EU and its political agents speak of “democracy”, what they really mean is dictatorship. And when they speak of “prosperity”, they do not mean general prosperity but the profits of the chemical, pharmaceutical and oil cartel and the banks. If you live in Europe, please support our Petition for a Europe for the People – by the People. Based on a constitution proposed by survivors of Auschwitz and other WWII concentration camps, its focus is the protection of the health and lives of European citizens from the very same multinational corporate interests that have already caused two world wars and that are, even now, with their Nazi roots exposed, now making a third attempt at the takeover of Europe and the world.


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