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Vitamin D supplementation can decrease risk of respiratory infections in children

August 20, 2012

A study conducted in Mongolian schoolchildren supports the possibility that daily vitamin D supplementation can reduce the risk of respiratory infections in winter. In a report that will appear in the journal Pediatrics and has received early online release, an international research team found that vitamin D supplementation decreased the risk of respiratory infections among children who had low blood levels of vitamin D at the start of the study.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

Comment: Dr. Rath's Cellular Medicine approach offers a breakthrough in the understanding of how infectious diseases spread in the body. Moreover, it also shows how you can support your body naturally in controlling this process. Cellular Medicine explains and proves that an optimum supply of specific micronutrients is critical in supporting various cellular functions that are essential for an effective immune response, a strong immune system and good health. To learn more about Dr. Rath's breakthrough discoveries in infectious diseases, click here. To read independent research and clinical studies on the use of essential micronutrients in combating infectious diseases, click here.

Omega-3s show potential to protect against brain trauma

August 20, 2012

The potential benefits of omega-3s to reduce the long-term effects of brain trauma may be optimized by early administration, 'in the emergency department or sooner', says a new report.
Read article at nutraingredients-usa.com

Comment: An optimal supply of omega-3 fatty acids is crucial to health and vitality. To read scientific studies and reports on this important group of essential micronutrients, click here.

Anthocyanins may slash inflammation marker levels: RCT data

August 20, 2012

Supplements of anthocyanins - antioxidant pigments from fruit and vegetables - may reduce levels of inflammatory compounds in people with high cholesterol levels, says a new clinical trial from China.
Read article at nutraingredients.com

Vitamin C Might Protect Lungs On High-Pollution Days: Study

August 19, 2012

An antioxidant-rich diet could do your lungs a favor when exposed to air pollution, according to a small new study. Researchers from Imperial College London found that asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients were more likely to be admitted to the hospital on days when there were high particulate matter levels outside, Environmental Health News reported. Particulate matter is a pollutant that causes oxidative stress in the body (raising the risk of health problems like heart attack). However, the researchers found that people who had higher levels of vitamin C in their blood were less likely than those with low vitamin C levels to go to the hospital on these high-pollution days, MyHealthNewsDaily reported.
Read article in The Huffington Post

Broccoli: The new weapon against breast cancer as researchers discover it could suppress tumours

August 18, 2012

Women with breast cancer are being given a broccoli-based medicine to see if it suppresses their tumours. Previous studies have suggested that a compound released after eating broccoli can boost protective enzymes in breast tissue. Now scientists have harnessed this molecule, sulforaphane, and are giving it to patients newly diagnosed with the disease.
Read article in the Daily Mail (UK)

Mediterranean diet enriched with olive oil may protect bone

August 15, 2012

A study to be published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) shows consumption of a Mediterranean diet enriched with olive oil for two years is associated with increased serum osteocalcin concentrations, suggesting a protective effect on bone.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

A pack of walnuts a day keeps the fertility specialist away?

August 15, 2012

A paper published 15 August 2012 in Biology of Reproduction's Papers-in-Press reveals that eating 75 grams of walnuts a day improves the vitality, motility, and morphology of sperm in healthy men aged 21 to 35.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

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Is Mandatory Pediatric Chemo Institutionalized Child Abuse?

August 16, 2012

Mandatory chemotherapy for your child. The concept is horrific. But it is not just a concept. It has already happened and is still happening, which is why I am writing this article. We need to sound the alarm about this disturbing trend that, despite recent mainstream media references to a case of court-coerced chemotherapy, is still largely going unnoticed and/or unrecognized for what it really is: a human rights violation of the worst kind. Moreover, as it involves our children who can not rightly advocate for themselves, we need to speak up and act on their behalf.
Read article at greenmedinfo.com

Comment: As the parents of young Dominik Feld learned between 2002 and 2004, the stakeholders of the pharmaceutical 'Business with Disease' will go to almost any lengths in order to prevent its destruction by the forces of Cellular Medicine. Tragically, the battle between the old approach of mainstream medicine, characterised by chemotherapy, and the new medicine heralded by Cellular Medicine's breakthrough, accompanied Dominik to his last moments. To help end the 'Age of Fear' and eventually eliminate cancer as one of the most dreaded diseases of our time, please support our Call for a Cancer Free World.

Statin Drugs Found To Accelerate Arterial Calcification

August 11, 2012

Newly published research reveals that more frequent statin drug use is associated with accelerated coronary artery and aortic artery calcification, both of which greatly contribute to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Published Aug. 8th, 2012 in the journal Diabetes Care, researchers studied patients with type 2 diabetes and advanced atherosclerosis and found that coronary artery calcification "was significantly higher in more frequent statin users than in less frequent users." Furthermore, in a subgroup of participants initially not receiving statins, "progression of both CAC [coronary artery calcification] and AAC [aortic artery calcification] was significantly increased in frequent statin users."
Read article at greenmedinfo.com

New fridges defend against drug-laced drinking water

July 25, 2012

The eco- and health-conscious among us have warned for a while now that all those expired pain-killers, birth control pills and antibiotics some people flush down the toilet are coming back to haunt us in the form of pharmaceutical-laced drinking water. Up until now, those who wanted to avoid such contamination could buy a filter for their kitchen taps that would, hopefully, draw out most of the drug residues. But GE has now unveiled a line of refrigerators with built-in filtration systems specifically aimed at reducing concentrations of pharmaceuticals in water and ice. According to GE, tests show the new French door fridges remove 98 percent of five trace pharmaceuticals: ibuprofen, atenolol, fluoxetine, progesterone and trimethoprim.
Read article at greenbang.com

Comment: Whilst this development is arguably a promising step in the right direction, the fact remains that the actual numbers of pharmaceuticals known to be present in water supplies around the world are staggering. In the United States, for example, a vast array of drugs have been found. In one particularly notable set of test results, officials in Philadelphia discovered 56 pharmaceuticals or byproducts in treated drinking water. For the time being, therefore, until such time as the 'Business with Disease' is brought to an end, our planetary water supplies will continue to be subject to its increasingly polluting effects.

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Turkey Not to Import GM Organisms

August 17, 2012

The United States of America is not the only place where the people are vocal about not wanting genetically modified food on their plates. Turkey has just joined the ranks of the nations against GM food. Thanks to popular demand from the people, Turkey will be putting a stop to plans to import 29 different genetically modified organisms (GMO).
Read article at foodworldnews.com

Big Food girds for California GMO fight

August 16, 2012

After two decades fighting to force U.S. food companies to tell consumers when their products are made with genetically modified organisms, activists in California have mounted what is potentially their most promising offensive to date. In November, voters in the nation's most populous state will decide whether to require labels on food and drinks containing so-called GMOs, or ingredients that come from plants whose DNA has been manipulated by scientists. To fight the initiative, seed giant Monsanto Co, soda and snack seller PepsiCo Inc and other opponents of the labeling measure have put up $25 million already and could raise up to $50 million.
Read article at reuters.com

Complaint against EU authorisation of genetically engineered soybeans with stacked genes
Joint action of environmental organisations and scientists against decision of the EU Commission

August 9, 2012

Several organisations such as the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER) are filing a complaint against a decision of the EU Commission to authorise a new genetically engineered Monsanto soybean.
Read article at testbiotech.de (Germany)

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Diabetes prescriptions jump by 50% in England

August 15, 2012

Diabetes prescriptions in England have for the first time topped 40 million this year, a rise of nearly 50% compared to six years ago. The net cost of diabetes drugs also rose by just under 50% in the same period, according to a new report: 'Prescribing for Diabetes in England: 2005/06 to 2011/12' by the NHS Information Centre, now called the HSCIC. In the financial year 2011/12, the 40.6 million diabetic items dispensed - which includes antidiabetics, insulin and blood glucose testing monitors - cost the NHS in England £760.3 million.
Read article at inpharm.com (UK)

Comment: Worldwide, more than 100 million people suffer from diabetes, a disease that is characterized by a high sugar level in the blood. Hardly surprisingly, therefore, with total annual global sales of over $39 billion, diabetic drugs are now the third-highest grossing category of pharmaceutical products. A major threat to this 'Pharma Business with Diabetes' comes in the form of a pilot clinical trial carried out by researchers at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, which showed that the optimum intake of a combination of micronutrients including vitamin C and chromium resulted in the lowering of glucose levels in the blood and a decreased glycosylated hemoglobin index (an indicator of the damage to red blood cells caused by sugar). To learn more about Dr. Rath's breakthrough discoveries in diabetes, click here.

Official EU data indicate lightning more likely to kill than herbs or vitamins

August 15, 2012

Following ANH-Intl's release last month of UK data on some key causes of death, we're now in a position to release data sourced from across Europe. These data, drawn from official European Union (EU) sources, reveals once more that natural health products are among the safest things we put into our bodies - confirming the UK data. The new figures show that EU hospitals are not only hundreds of thousands of times more likely to cause death than natural health products - they are twice as deadly as either cancer or smoking. So why are natural products under threat for 'posing a risk to public safety'?
Read article on the Alliance for Natural Health (Europe) website

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For more political news, visit the news pages on the website of the International Alliance for Health, Peace and Social Justice, and the news page on the European Referendum Initiative website. Citizens of the UK can find additional UK-orientated news stories on the Reject the EU website.

Merkel pledges support for Canada-EU free-trade pact

August 16, 2012

German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered her strong support Thursday for Canada's bid to establish a free trade agreement with the European Union.
Read article on the CTV News website (Canada)

Comment: Following the removal of over 20,000 herbs, vitamins and food supplements from Canadian natural health stores since 2010, and dictatorial restrictions on citizens' rights to demonstrate in the country, no-one should now be in any doubt as to what this latest so-called "free-trade pact" is ultimately about: From its European politburo in Brussels, the Oil and Drug Cartel is attempting to take control over the entire world. To learn the shocking facts about the Brussels EU and its hidden history, click here.

Finland prepares for break-up of eurozone

August 16, 2012

Finland is preparing for the break-up of the eurozone, the country's foreign minister warned today. The Nordic state is battening down the hatches for a full-blown currency crisis as tensions in the eurozone mount and has said it will not tolerate further bail-out creep or fiscal union by stealth.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

The case against Europe: One MEP reveals the disturbing contempt for democracy at the heart of the EU

August 14, 2012

Over 13 years as an MEP, Daniel Hannan has witnessed first hand how Brussels works. Now he has written a forensic analysis of why it's rotten to the core. His devastating critique should be required reading for every politician.
Read article in the Daily Mail

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