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June 29 2012

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Natural Health News

June 26, 2012

Green tea extract shows extensive health benefits for obese hypertensives: Human study
Extracts from green tea may lead to improvements in blood pressure, blood sugar levels and markers of inflammation, says a new study from Poland with obese hypertensives.
Read article at nutraingredients-usa.com

Comment: Worldwide, several hundred million people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). Of all cardiovascular health conditions, this is the single largest epidemic. The epidemic spread of this disease is largely due to the fact that, until now, the causes of high blood pressure have been insufficiently, or not at all, understood. To learn how high blood pressure can be eradicated naturally, click here. To read studies on the numerous health benefits of green tea extracts and other plant components, click here to visit the phytobiologicals.com website.

June 25, 2012

Treating Vitamin D Deficiency May Improve Depression
Women with moderate to severe depression had substantial improvement in their symptoms of depression after they received treatment for their vitamin D deficiency, a new study finds.
Read article at sciencedaily.com

June 20, 2012

Omega-3 lowers inflammation in overweight older adults
New research shows that omega-3 fatty acid supplements can lower inflammation in healthy, but overweight, middle-aged and older adults, suggesting that regular use of these supplements could help protect against and treat certain illnesses.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

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Pharma "Business with Disease" News

June 25, 2012

What Transparency? Amylin Hid Byetta Data
In a damning disclosure, an FDA official charges that Amylin Pharmaceuticals concealed a study that raised heart safety concerns about its Byetta diabetes drug and then hindered agency access to the data when it was discovered, TheStreet reports, citing newly released FDA documents. And later, Amylin execs purportedly lied to investors by failing to disclose that the Byetta study played a key role in an agency decision to reject the Bydureon follow-up treatment.
Read article at pharmalot.com

June 24, 2012

In Documents on Pain Drug, Signs of Doubt and Deception
A research director for Pfizer was positively buoyant after reading that an important medical conference had just featured a study claiming that the new arthritis drug Celebrex was safer on the stomach than more established drugs. They swallowed our story, hook, line and sinker, he wrote in an e-mail to a colleague. The truth was that Celebrex was no better at protecting the stomach from serious complications than other drugs. It appeared that way only because Pfizer and its partner, Pharmacia, presented the results from the first six months of a yearlong study rather than the whole thing.
Read article in the New York Times (USA)

June 22, 2012

Drug company Roche accused of not reporting possible drug side-effects
The European Medicines Agency said on Thursday it was investigating Swiss group Roche Holding AG after a routine inspection found it had failed to properly assess 80,000 cases of possible adverse drug reactions.
Read article at foxnews.com

Comment: The adverse drug reactions not reported by Roche are said to include 15,161 deaths. Other issues apparently identified include questions concerning around 23,000 adverse events related to evaluating and reporting to national regulators and 600 pertaining to clinical trials.

June 22, 2012

Test Subject Sues Pfizer for $1 Million
PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - A woman claims in court that she suffered debilitating injuries requiring a double hip replacement after Pfizer canceled a drug test in which she was enrolled - without telling her that it called off the test for precisely the disease from which she was about to suffer. Candace Stewart sued Pfizer, Summit Research Network and Dr. James Bergthold, in Multnomah County Court. Stewart says she suffered osteonecrosis, also called bone death, in both hips, after agreeing to be part of the test study of Tanezumab, a monoclonal antibody against nerve growth factor, supposed to work as a painkiller.
Read article on the Courthouse News Service website (USA)

June 20, 2012

Cancer, a New View: Can You Believe it?
I learned, recently, about the father of a friend who committed suicide because he couldn't handle the painful side effects of radiation and chemo. It's tragic in every sense of the word that someone resolves their cancer but can't live with the agonizing, life-limiting challenges caused by the treatment. I wish there was more publicity given to the hard facts about long-term side effects of conventional cancer treatment.
Read article by Leigh Fortson on the Huffington Post website

Comment: The therapeutic goal of chemotherapy and radiation is to kill cancer cells by intoxicating the entire body. However, with the publication of Dr. Rath and Dr. Niedzwieckis latest book, Victory Over Cancer!, the end of this outdated shotgun approach is finally in sight. A cancer-free world IS now possible, but it needs YOUR support to help bring it about. Click here to support the international initiative for a Cancer Free World and commit to helping spread the information about science-based, natural health approaches in the fight against cancer in your town and country.

June 20, 2012

Why Cancer Treatment Is Fatally Flawed
Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts' recent announcement that she had been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) -- a group of conditions in which the cells in the bone marrow are damaged -- certainly came as a shock to her fans. Just five years before she had, as she has said, "beaten breast cancer" and openly discussed her experience. What's more appalling, though, is the fact that her treatment for breast cancer, presumably involving chemotherapy and radiation, are both risk factors for MDS. In other words, the medical treatment she received to "beat" breast cancer may well be responsible for the life-threatening condition she now faces.
Read article on the Huffington Post website

Comment: As this article describes, the list of drugs that can cause myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is long and includes mechlorethamine (nitrogen mustard), etoposide, teniposide, chlorambucil, cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin -- all of which are commonly-used in chemotherapy. Tragically, therefore, most people still don't realize that cancer treatments can be as devastating and potentially deadly as the cancer itself. To read shocking extracts from the so-called "patient information leaflets" of chemotherapy drugs, click here.

March 23, 2012

Antidepressants give drugmakers the blues
The development of a novel antidepressant ground to a halt this week when researchers found it did not make patients feel any better than the pills they were already taking.
Read news report at reuters.com

Comment: Antidepressants are well known to be connected with a wide range of serious and life-threatening side effects, including hypertension in pregnancy, narrowed arteries, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, suicidal behaviour and even cancer. As such, bearing in mind that one of the largest studies of antidepressant drugs found they have no clinically significant effect, not only has the Drug Cartel been misleading people about their effectiveness, the health and lives of millions of people have been ruthlessly exploited for profit.

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GMO News

June 25, 2012

EFSA GMO-Panel: Still biased
The revised GMO expert panel at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) still has a majority of experts in favour of using genetically engineered plants in agriculture. Testbiotech estimates that eleven of the twenty panel members have links to industry or are known as proponents of the controversial technology.
Read article at testbiotech.de (Germany)

June 25, 2012

Superbug vs. Monsanto: Nature rebels against biotech titan
A growing number of rootworms are now able to devour genetically modified corn specifically designed by Monsanto to kill those same pests. A new study shows that while the biotech giant may triumph in Congress, it will never be able to outsmart nature. Western corn rootworms have been able to harmlessly consume the genetically modified maize, a research paper published in the latest issue of the journal GM Crops & Food reveals. A 2010 sample of the rootworm population had an elevenfold survival rate on the genetically modified corn compared to a control population. Thats eight times more than the year before, when the resistant population was first identified.
Read article at rt.com (Russia)

May 29, 2012

GM lobby still trying to force increasingly discredited Frankenstein Food down our throats
Genetic modification was supposed to be the ground-breaking science of the future. Its magic wand would feed the world and make toxic pesticides redundant. But, in reality, it has dismally failed to live up to the expectations of its cheerleaders. The high crop yields the GM lobbyists promised us just havent happened. Farmers are having to use more pesticide, not less, on their GM crops.
Read article in the Daily Mail (UK)

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Other Health-related News

June 26, 2012

Mainstream Medicine Takes Another Big Step Backward on Vitamin D
A national task force on preventive medicine is making dangerous new pronouncements based on profoundly flawed research and thinking. The US Preventive Services Task Force (UPSTF) has issued a draft recommendation to take no vitamin D supplements.
Read article on the Alliance for Natural Health (USA) website

June 25, 2012

Low vitamin D level is linked to greater chance of risk factors for Type 2 diabetes
A new study presents more evidence of a possible link between low vitamin D levels and a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

June 21, 2012

Could Americans Be Deficient in Vitamin C?
Vitamin C deficiency, also known as scurvy, is usually only a topic for discussion in history classes, but what if it is being overlooked? Classic symptoms of scurvy include low-grade inflammation, fatigue, limping, bleeding gums, and swollen extremities. Since these symptoms are common in many other conditions, especially autoimmune conditions, vitamin C deficiency is rarely screened for in patients. The US Department of Agriculture surveyed food intakes in individuals and found that 18% of adults consumed less than 30 mg per day of vitamin C, indicating a risk for deficiency.
Read article on the website of the Natural Health Research Institute (USA)

Comment: Vitamin C is the key micronutrient for the stability of blood vessels, the heart and all other organs in our bodies. Without it, our bodies would literally collapse and dissolve just as happens in the vitamin C deficiency disease, scurvy. Significantly therefore, sub-clinical deficiencies of vitamin C are far more common than is generally realized. Even based upon the miniscule intakes that are naively assumed to be sufficient by the medical orthodoxy, as many as one in seven young Canadian adults and up to three quarters of elderly people in parts of India are believed to be deficient in this crucial micronutrient. Worse still, even outright scurvy now appears to be no longer confined to the history books, with cases in children being known to have risen in England between 2004 and 2008. To learn about Dr. Raths discovery revealing that coronary heart disease is an early form of scurvy, click here.

June 18, 2012

DSM research reveals inadequate vitamin intake in Europe and USA
Vitamin deficiencies are widespread in the developed world, according to a new traffic light analysis of vitamin intakes by DSM.
Read article at nutraingredients.com

Comment: A chronic deficiency of vitamins, amino acids and other specific nutrients is the primary cause of todays most common chronic diseases including various forms of the cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and others. To learn more, click here to visit our World Health Alphabetization campaign website.

June 18, 2012

Vitamin D dose 'too low with indoor lifestyles'
Australians taking a vitamin D supplement to protect themselves from weak bones and diseases such as cancer may not be getting a high-enough dose, according to a paper that finds 50 per cent of women have low levels of the nutrient in winter. Experts at Deakin University are calling for the daily dosage of vitamin D to be increased by 50 per cent to properly combat deficiencies in those with minimal sun exposure.
Read article on the website of The Australian

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Political News

June 25, 2012

EU transparency register branded a 'joke'
The EU's transparency register fails to give a "full and accurate" picture of lobbying activities in Brussels, according to a new report. The report, "Dodgy data time to fix the EU's transparency register," finds that the voluntary register is missing key data on who is lobbying. The document, by the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (Alter-EU), says most of the law firms which lobby in Brussels are "notably" absent.
Read article at theparliament.com

June 24, 2012

Former UK PM Blair blocked lawyer from giving advice to cabinet on Iraq war
Lawmakers in Britain have demanded an emergency recall of the Chilcot inquiry after it was revealed that former Prime Minister Tony Blair had blocked the government's most senior lawyer from explaining to cabinet the legality of the war in Iraq.
Read article at newstrackindia.com

May 30, 2012

Rothschild buys into Rockefeller wealth business
Two of the most storied names in global finance are linking up, with Europe's Rothschild banking dynasty agreeing to buy a stake in the Rockefeller group's wealth and asset management business to gain a long-sought foothold in the United States. Rothschild's London-listed RIT Capital Partners said on Wednesday it was buying a 37 percent stake in Rockefeller from French group Societe Generale's private banking arm, for an undisclosed sum. The transatlantic union brings together David Rockefeller, 96, and Jacob Rothschild, 76 - two family patriarchs whose personal relationship spans five decades.
Read article on the Chicago Tribune website (USA)

Comment: Coming at a time when the “Brussels EU” and its euro currency are in grave danger of collapse, to say that this is a highly significant development would be putting it lightly. David Rockefeller is the grandson of John D Rockefeller, creator and guiding force of the pharmaceutical ‘Business With Disease’. He is also the “grandfather” of the so-called “Bilderberg Group” – whose membership effectively consists of the elite financial and political stakeholders of the Chemical, Oil and Drug Cartel. The European counterpart of the Rockefeller group is the Rothschild banking dynasty. As long ago as February 1914, in official US government hearings, the maxim of the House of Rothschilds – and the foundation principle of European banks – was clearly stated: “Let us control the money of a country and we care not who makes its laws.”

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