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October 7, 2011

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Natural Health News

October 4, 2011

EFSA: Vitamin D can reduce falls among the elderly
Over 60-year-olds who consume 800IU (20ug) of vitamin D2 and D3 per day have, “a significant reduction in the risk of falling”, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded.
Read article at nutraingredients.com

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Pharma "Business with Disease" News

October 3, 2011

Regular aspirin users at higher risk of sight problems, research suggests
People who take a daily dose of aspirin are twice as likely to suffer blindness in later life, a study suggests.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)
Comment: Additional research suggests that regular use of aspirin also increases the risk of developing Crohn's disease; irregular heart rhythm; hearing loss; and internal bleeding, including bleeding in the brain.

September 28, 2011

Merck Pays $1.5M Fine For Pollution Problems
For violating several federal environmental laws at two Pennsylvania plants, Merck has agreed to pay a $1.5 million civil fine and settle charges brought by both the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Justice.
Read article at pharmalot.com
Comment: This is not the first time that Merck has been fined for breaking environmental laws at its Pennsylvania facilities. In late 2007, it paid a $20.5 million fine for violating the US Clean Water Act with three chemical discharges in 2006, one of which killed more than 1,000 fish and forced Philadelphia to temporarily shut off drinking water intakes.

September 19, 2011

Statins, a Drug Considered for Food Condiment Status, Increase Blood Sugar & Lead to Diabetes
People diagnosed with diabetes, or even considered likely to become diabetic, are often automatically placed on statins, under the presumption that diabetes naturally leads to heart disease. As it turns out, the prescription itself is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Statins appear to be causing diabetes and worsening the condition.
Read article at gaia-health.com

September 9, 2011

Sleep, anxiety meds may increase death risk
Taking sleeping pills or medication for anxiety is linked to an increased risk of death, according to a study by a University of Laval researcher in Quebec City.
Psychologist Geneviève Belleville found a rise of 36 per cent in the mortality rate among Canadians who reported having used anxiolytic and hypnotic medication to treat insomnia or anxiety at least once in the previous month.
Read article on the CBC News website (Canada)

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GMO News

October 4, 2011

Breaking News—California May Require Labeling of GE Food Products!
An exciting new ballot initiative, if California voters approve, could turn the tide against genetically engineered foods in America.
Read article on the Alliance for Natural Health (USA) website

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Other Health-related News

October 4, 2011

Fair-skinned people may need extra vitamin D
Fair-skinned people who are prone to sunburn may need to take supplements to ensure they get enough vitamin D, say experts. It appears that those with pale skin, while not deficient, may still be lacking in the essential vitamin that the body makes from sunlight. The Cancer Research UK-funded team say that even with a lot of sun exposure, those with fair skin may not be able to make enough vitamin D.
Read article on the BBC News website (UK)

October 3, 2011

Vitamin D deficiency common in cancer patients
More than three-quarters of cancer patients have insufficient levels of vitamin D (25-hydroxy-vitamin D) and the lowest levels are associated with more advanced cancer, according to a study presented on October 2, 2011, at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO).
Read article at medicalxpress.com

September 29, 2011

Oral steroids linked to severe vitamin D deficiency in nationwide study
People taking oral steroids are twice as likely as the general population to have severe vitamin D deficiency, according to a study of more than 31,000 children and adults by scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Their findings, in the September 28 online edition of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, suggest that physicians should more diligently monitor vitamin D levels in patients being treated with oral steroids.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

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Political News

October 4, 2011

Vladimir Putin wants Soviet-style power bloc to rival EU
Vladimir Putin has said he wants to forge a "Eurasian Union" on the vast swath of territory that used to be the Soviet Union to compete with the European Union and the United States. Speaking six months before he reassumes the Russian presidency for the third time, Mr Putin said he wanted to create a global power bloc that would straddle one fifth of the earth's surface and unite almost 300 million people.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

September 28, 2011

MEP hits out at plans for EU 'schools propaganda'
A UK Conservative MEP has hit out against commission plans which she fears will lead to schoolchildren being "force-fed pro-Brussels propaganda". She claims the proposals, contained in a report to parliament, could lead to pupils having "compulsory lessons in how to be good Europeans and receiving a biased version of the EU's benefits to society".
Read article at theparliament.com
Comment: The EU Commission’s plans follow demands by the so-called “European People's Party” group for school pupils in all EU member states to be forced to take lessons about the bloc. Without doubt, therefore, under the dictatorial regime of the ‘Brussels EU’, such lessons would not result in school pupils being taught the real facts about the bloc and its origins.

September 26, 2011

Cheney greeted by protesters in Vancouver
Hundreds of protestors gathered at a speaking event by former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney in his sold-out $500-a-plate appearance at the Vancouver Club in connection with last month’s release of his memoir, In My Time. Protestors called on Vancouver police to arrest Cheney for torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout his 8 years in the Bush administration.
Read article on the MWC News website

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