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September 9, 2011

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Natural Health News

September 6, 2011

Riboflavin shows blood enhancing properties for UK women
Daily supplements of riboflavin may improve measures of blood health, including haemoglobin levels, says a new clinical trial that highlights the potential significance of moderate deficiency of the B vitamin.
Read article at nutraingredients.com

September 6, 2011

Chondroitin sulfate improves hand function, relieves morning stiffness caused by osteoarthritis
New research shows that chondroitin sulfate significantly decreased pain and improved hand function in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hand compared with those in the placebo group. Results of the clinical trial available today in Arthritis & Rheumatism, a journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), also report that chondroitin sulfate improves grip strength and relieves morning stiffness.
Read article at medicalxpress.com

September 1, 2011

Exercise counteracts aging effects
As we age, our bodies change in ways that challenge athletic ability. But exercise also can slow down — and in some cases even prevent — some of the physiological ravages of time. "A lot of things that we thought were just inherent to the aging process and were going to happen no matter what don't really have to happen if you maintain an appropriate lifestyle," says Jim Hagberg, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Maryland in College Park.
Read article in the Los Angeles Times (USA)

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Pharma "Business with Disease" News

September 7, 2011

Ibuprofen linked to double risk of miscarriage
Women who take painkillers such as ibuprofen are at more than double the risk of suffering a miscarriage, research suggests.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

August 25, 2011

The dark side of prescription drugs
Mention of drug addiction typically conjures up images of strung-out users of heroin or crack cocaine. But a growing number of Britons are dependent on legal drugs, prescribed by their doctors, with a grip as unforgiving as that of their illegal counterparts. It is a problem that cannot keep being ignored.
Read Leading Article in The Independent (UK)
Comment: With its total annual global sales approaching 1 trillion dollars, the pharmaceutical industry has a vested financial interest in users becoming addicted to its drugs. Significantly, therefore, between 2000 and 2007, overdose deaths from painkillers in the United States rose from less than 4,000 to more than 11,000. Similarly, between 2004 and 2009, US emergency room visits due to prescription drug overdoses doubled to a total of over 1.2 million.

August 7, 2011

Indians sitting ducks as drug trials turn fatal
In last 4 yrs, 1,725 persons have died in clinical trials; weak law compounds risks
For the first time since 2010 when six tribal girls from Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh involved in the clinical trials of anti-cervical cancer HPV vaccine died, the government has admitted that 1,725 persons have lost their lives to drug trials in the last four years. The number of deaths has risen from 132 in 2007 and 288 in 2008 to 637 in 2009 and 668 last year, indicating the complete ineffectiveness of regulatory controls over the $400 million sector. Last year, the government gave compensation in just 22 cases out of the 668 that resulted in deaths due to “serious adverse events” during drug trials, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad told Parliament this week.
Read article in The Tribune (India)
Comment: A number of US pharmaceutical companies have moved their operations overseas over the course of the past decade, with the result that tests of dangerous chemical drugs are increasingly being carried out on poor people who have little or no knowledge of the ‘Business with Disease’. Now employing CROs - or clinical research organisations - the industry is big business, worth as much as $30bn today. Click here to learn more and watch a revealing video report at aljazeera.net.

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GMO News

August 24, 2011

Are the legal tables finally turning on GMOs?
Pesticide contamination of organic crops ruled 'trespass' by US courts
After many years of having the legal odds stacked against them in favour of the companies making genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the farmers who grow them, organic farmers in the USA recently won two landmark cases. Both rulings set a precedent that organic farmers can sue neighbouring farmers if pesticides drift across and contaminate the organic crops. Pesticides, of course, are central to the GMO issue, with Monsanto's Roundup Ready seed – engineered for resistance to the company's pesticide Roundup – the most famous example.
Read article on the website of the Alliance for Natural Health (Europe)

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Other Health-related News

September 1, 2011

Americans need supplements, fortified foods to achieve nutrient intakes: Survey
Most Americans are achieving the estimated average requirement (EAR) for a number of nutrients, with fortification and supplementation playing an important role in boosting intakes of key nutrients. However, data from 16,110 Americans showed that large percentages of the US population have insufficient intakes nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. “Compared with intakes from naturally occurring nutrients, enrichment and/or fortification dramatically improved intakes of several key nutrients, including folate, thiamin, iron, and vitamins A and D,” report the researchers in the Journal of Nutrition.”
Read article at nutraingredients-usa.com

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Political News

September 5, 2011

Herman van Rompuy wants second term as strengthened EU president
Herman van Rompuy is ready to run for a second term as EU president, at the head of a “United States of Europe”. His comments came as Germany further strengthened demands for a new treaty giving the president extra powers.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)
Comment: Readers who live outside of Europe should not be misled into thinking that van Rompuy will be “running” for EU president in a democratic election. Appointed by an elite circle of corporate interests in November 2009 following his presidential “job interview” being held at a meeting of the Rockefeller-controlled Bilderberg Group, he assumed the post via a political system in which the people of Europe are totally excluded from the selection process. As such, the Brussels EU system of governance reverses all democratic achievements of European civilization over the past thousand years and throws the entire continent back to Medieval times, when autocratic monarchs ruled Europe outside of any democratic control. To learn more about the nature of the Brussels EU, click here.

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