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November 2, 2010

President Obama, Wake Up America!

The goal of special corporate interests - namely the Oil and Drug Cartel - in the US today is to transform democratic society into a corporate dictatorship, thus enabling these multi-trillion dollar corporate interests to exert direct control over the political executive and the country. Towards this end they are instigating the radicalization of society and financing the election campaigns of their political stakeholders. This strategy is an exact copy of the Oil and Drug Cartel's takeover of Germany in 1933 - a strategy executed with the help of the Cartel's political and military stakeholders, the Nazis.

Yesterday, the day before crucial midterm elections in the US, Dr. Rath published an Open Letter in the New York Times in which he described how, over the past two years, the social and political life in America has been radicalized and polarized in an unprecedented way. What appears as a 'grass-roots' movement articulating anger towards the current government is, Dr. Rath explained, a strategically implemented campaign by special interests, namely the Oil and Drug Cartel, to regain control over the White House and the country.

To read Dr. Rath's Open Letter, click here.

The fact that this Open Letter was approved by the legal department of the New York Times speaks volumes for the authenticity of its statements. If you live in the US, please therefore take immediate action and forward it to your friends, family, neighbors and work colleagues.


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