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September 17, 2010

Wake Up, America! Prevent Dictatorship And War!

New technologies like hydrogen, solar and other renewable forms of energy, promise to replace mankind’s dependency from oil for public and private transport, utilities and all other areas of energy. What will bring annual savings of thousands of dollars for every family, millions in savings for businesses and billions for national economies around the world will, on the other hand, lead to losses amounting to trillions of dollars for the Oil Cartel – and ultimately to its demise.

In this desperate situation, the Oil Cartel is ready to use all means conceivable to prevent its meltdown – even at the risk of drawing entire mankind into the abyss.

On April 23, 2010, I warned in this newspaper about the risk of a nuclear war launched in the interest of this Cartel. This warning was echoed since by leading politicians and discussed in parliaments.

Click here to read Dr. Rath’s Open Letter, published on page 9 of the New York Times on Monday, 13th September.

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