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December 4, 2009

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Natural Health News

November 24, 2009

Omega-3 plus glucosamine ‘superior’ for joint health: Study
Combining omega-3 fatty acids with glucosamine achieves better improvements in joint health than glucosamine alone, says a new study from Germany. The study, published in the journal Advances in Therapy, is said to be the first clinical trial to employ the combination of glucosamine omega-3 fatty acids in people suffering from osteoarthritis
Read article at nutraingredients.com
Comment: This study provides further support for the research findings of Dr. Rath, Dr. Niedzwiecki and their researchers at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, who, for some years now, have focused their attention on nutrient synergy as the most effective approach to optimizing cellular metabolism and restoring its balance. The concept of nutrient synergy maximizes the health benefits of micronutrients because of the discovery that they work best in "teams". Thus, it is not the intake of any one single nutrient that ensures full health, but the intake of a complete spectrum of various different micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. To read about clinical studies conducted by the Dr. Rath Research Institute that utilize nutrient synergy, click here.

November 25, 2009

Study Finds Eating Fruits and Vegetables Lowers Risks of Heart Disease
A new study of adults aged 70 or older found that increased servings of fruits and vegetables were significantly associated with a decrease of cognitive impairment, and that those eating three or more servings of vegetables per day had a 30 percent lower risk of death from heart disease.
Read article at physorg.com

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Pharma "Business with Disease" News

November 30, 2009

European Regulators And Their Conflicts Of Interest
Given the ongoing controversy over conflicts of interest involving the pharmaceutical industry, a group of researchers sought to gauge the extent to which this may be a problem among European regulators - specifically, the Irish Medicines Board, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom and the European Medicines Agency in the European Union.
And so they examined three issues - What are the policies and procedures within each agency for dealing with conflicts of interest? Is there COI between senior people employed by these agencies and people in their key advisory committees and the pharmaceutical industry? Is information about employees’ and advisers’ COI made public? Their findings, which were published in Social Science & Medicine, suggests there is reason for concern. They concluded that, “notwithstanding significant variations in policy and procedure, the approach to COI in the IMB, MHRA and EMEA is one of management rather than prohibition. In all three agencies, close interaction between experts and the pharmaceutical industry is taken-for-granted and therefore allowable…
Read article at pharmalot.com

November 25, 2009

Preemption Is Alive And Well In Michigan
Three Michigan women blame a pair of Novartis drugs - Aredia and Zometa - for causing their osteonecrosis, which is the death of jaw-bone tissue. But a federal appeals court has ruled they can’t proceed with their lawsuits because Michigan law bars most product liability claims. The word for this is preemption. Preemption, you may recall, is the notion that FDA approval of a drug supercedes state law claims challenging safety, efficacy, or labeling.
Read article at pharmalot.com

November 24, 2009

Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria
Sharyl Attkisson is the investigative reporter behind the groundbreaking CBS News study that found H1N1 flu cases are NOT as prevalent as feared. In fact, they’re barely on the radar screen. How did this startling information come about, and why is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) painting a different picture entirely?
Read article at foodconsumer.org
Comment: Sharyl Attkisson is an award-winning CBS News correspondent and investigative reporter. According to her CBS News study, the vast majority of the “swine flu” cases diagnosed by U.S. physicians were not actually flu at all. For example, in Florida, 83 percent of specimens that were presumed to be swine flu were negative for all flu when tested. Similarly, in California, 86 percent of suspected H1N1 specimens were not swine flu or any flu; only 2 percent were confirmed swine flu. And in Alaska, 93 percent of suspected swine flu specimens were negative for all flu types; only 1 percent was H1N1 flu.

November 16, 2009

Government wants right to detain sick people
Health authorities want the power to detain people for up to three months if they refuse testing or treatment for infectious diseases. Under draft legislation proposed by the State Government, someone with swine flu, measles or meningococcal disease could be forcibly held, examined and treated.
Read article from The Advertiser at adelaideNow.com.au (Australia)
Comment: The South Australian state’s proposed Public Health Bill would also give authorities the power to override parents who refused orthodox drug treatment for their children with infectious conditions. Moreover, the new powers would come with a substantial increase in fines - up from $60,000 to $1 million and 10 years' jail. Other diseases that could be declared under the bill include AIDS, polio, rabies, salmonella and cholera, and even non-communicable diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

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GMO News

November 26, 2009

Public wants labelling of all GM food
UK citizens are confused by the current publicly available information on GM foods and want clearer facts made available in shops and supermarkets. There is widespread support for compulsory 'GM' labelling on all food produce in the UK, according to new research.
Read article on the website of The Ecologist (UK)

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Other Health-related News

November 26, 2009

Yellow card shown to European Commission over fluoride risks to Irish children
The formal dialogue session on Risk Assessment between stakeholders and the EU’s scientific committees on Nov 20th in Brussels heard criticism of the Commission, as the risk manager, for failing to protect children from fluoride risks. Only in Ireland and parts of the UK are fluoridation chemicals allowed in drinking water, where there is now an epidemic of dental fluorosis in children. “It’s a sad day for European science” said VOICE’s campaigner against fluoridation, Robert Pocock, “when the EU’s Scientific Committee on the Environment and Health (SCHER) is accused of being unqualified for its task. Yet the 20,000 member International Society of Doctors for Environment (ISDE) made just such a claim, when the Commission asked SCHER for scientific risk assessment of fluoridation chemicals.” ISDE declared that since fluoride chemicals act pharmacologically, SCHER’s lack of expertise in assessing medicinal substances is a serious impediment. In light of this major defect, the VOICE spokesman told the meeting, SCHER members should re-consider their role in this whole affair.
Read press release on the Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE) website (Ireland)

November 7, 2009

Child scurvy cases rising
Scurvy is on the rise among children in England, according to official figures. Figures show that in 2004/05, 61 children were admitted to hospital with scurvy in England. But in 2007/08, the figure had risen to 94, a rise of more than 50 per cent in the last three years. Scurvy, the scourge of pirates and sailors in the 18th century, occurs if people do not eat enough vitamin C. It can lead to spots on the skin, particularly the legs, cracking and bleeding of the lips, nostrils and ears, and teeth can fall out. In extreme cases, it can lead to internal haemorrhaging which can result in death.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)
Comment: Research has shown that in some countries, such as Canada, as many as one in seven young adults may be deficient in vitamin C. This finding is of particularly serious concern due to Dr. Rath’s research having revealed that coronary heart disease, like scurvy, occurs due to a deficiency of vitamin C. To learn more about Dr. Rath’s scientific discovery in heart disease, click here.

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Political News

December 1, 2009

Blair may have ‘signed in blood’ to topple Saddam a year before war
Tony Blair and President Bush might have secretly “signed in blood” a deal to overthrow Saddam Hussein a year before ordering the Iraq war, according to a former senior diplomat. Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain’s Ambassador to Washington in the run-up to the war, said an agreement to aim for “regime change” may have been reached during a private meeting at the President’s Crawford ranch in April 2002.
Read article in the Tehran Times (Iran)

November 30, 2009

Iraq inquiry: The 'just war' that was illegal and immoral
Tony Blair, with a truly toxic mixture of sanctimoniousness and wealth-enhancing chutzpah, has always maintained that his Iraq invasion was a just war. He has held to this shibboleth with trembling lip and quasi-religious conviction. But the letter to him from Lord Goldsmith, which emerged at the weekend, changes everything. Dated July 29, 2002, a full eight months before Blair launched his grotesque Middle-eastern misadventure, the then Attorney General wrote to tell him that such an invasion would be illegal under international law. It is in the bundle of documents at the Chilcot inquiry, to be addressed when the former prime minister, abortive President of Europe and putative Middle East peace envoy gives evidence to it in the new year.
Read article by George Pitcher in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

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