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September 24, 2009

Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty!

Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty!We are living in one of the most critical times in the recent history of mankind.

The forces that have constructed and controlled the multi-trillion dollar markets in patented pharmaceuticals, chemicals and oil fear for their survival. They are being challenged by scientific progress and new technologies that affect every human life and which promise to liberate mankind from its dependency upon the interest groups behind these markets. Leading amongst these technologies are the areas of science-based natural health and renewable energies.

In this situation, the forces behind the status quo realise that they can no longer control society under normal democratic conditions. The only way they can continue to control the world is by establishing dictatorial control structures that guarantee them direct access to the political executive level.

The most dangerous and heinous of these structures is the ‘Brussels EU’. Behind the mask of promoting unity and democracy across Europe, the ‘Brussels EU’ – through the so-called “EU Commission” – wishes to control every life across Europe without any democratic control.

Knowing that, the corporate interests behind the ‘Brussels EU’ decided not to allow the people of Europe to vote on the act – the Lisbon Treaty – that would establish a corporate dictatorship across an entire continent for generations to come. The only exception is Ireland, a country with a longstanding tradition of independence, liberty and true democratic values, who will be voting on the treaty on October 2.

As such, by depriving the other 26 European nations from voting on the future of the European continent, the interests behind the ‘Brussels EU’ made Ireland the battleground for the future of Europe.

In this situation, we felt it was our responsibility to share with the Irish people the information about the dark roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ as well as its strategic goal: the subjugation of the countries of Europe from “Lisbon to Sofia” under the control of corporate interests, namely the oil and drug cartel.

Because the Irish Times, the largest newspaper in Ireland, refused to publish this crucial information, we were compelled to distribute a fact-sheet to reach the Irish people and inform them about the devastating consequences of a ‘Yes vote – not only for Ireland but for all of Europe.

The reaction was immediate.

In an article published on the first day of the distribution of this information, the Irish Times was forced to show whose interests it really serves. However, this article allowed us to expose even further to the people of Ireland and the world just how far the interests behind the ‘Brussels EU’ have infiltrated the media and are using it to exert control over public opinion.

Following the distribution of our fact-sheet, the first media reports appeared that openly admit the prevailing deep concerns among the Irish people about the ‘Brussels EU’.

We encourage all of you to carefully read the detailed information contained in our fact sheet. The relevance of this information, obviously, is not confined merely to Ireland, but should be the focus of discussions in every living room, every school and wherever people meet across Europe.

Moreover, those among our readers who live outside Europe have every reason to be concerned too. If the people of Ireland vote ‘Yes’ to the Lisbon Treaty, it would provide the legal base for the oil and drug cartel to take direct control over all of Europe – including its economic, political and military machinery. In this situation, there can be no doubt that the oil and drug cartel would use the ‘Brussels EU’ as a stepping-stone to extend its control over the entire globe.

The only way this scenario can be stopped is if the people of Europe and the world are educated about both the dark roots and the strategic plans of the oil and drug cartel to turn the world into a corporate dictatorship.

We encourage you to forward this information to everyone you know, everywhere in the world.

Click here to read the fact-sheet.

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