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August 18, 2008

Why Nutrient Supplementation Is Important in Heart Failure and Arrhythmia

Heart failure is a deteriorating condition accompanied by edema, fatigue and difficulty conducting even simple activities. It affects people at any age and it often develops as a result of heart disease. Heart failure patients often suffer from irregular heart beat, a frightening condition that carries a risk of a sudden death. About five million people in the US are affected by heart failure and arrhythmia and about 30-40% of them die within one year of diagnosis. Heart failure together with malignant cancers is responsible for more than half of the deaths in people 45 years old and older.

Unfortunately, heart failure and arrhythmia are increasing. Although many new pharmaceutical drugs have become available they focus not on the root cause of these problems but on the symptoms, and are associated with a very high risk of side effects.

This article indicates that it is time for major revision of current health approaches and presents new cellular medicine-based therapeutic directions in these diseases.

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