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August 15, 2008

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Natural Health News

August 11, 2008

Running 'can slow ageing process'
Running on a regular basis can slow the effects of ageing, a study by US researchers shows. Elderly joggers were half as likely to die prematurely from conditions like cancer than non-runners. They also enjoyed a healthier life with fewer disabilities, the Stanford University Medical Center team found.
Read article on the BBC News website (UK)

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Pharma "Business with Disease" News

August 12, 2008

Acid reflux drugs may heighten fracture risk
Drugs commonly prescribed to fight acid reflux disease may significantly increase the risk of fractures in people suffering from osteoporosis, a study by Canadian researchers reveals.
Read article in the Globe and Mail (Canada)

August 10, 2008

FDA Issues Alert On Drugs' Link To Muscle Injury
WASHINGTON -- Federal regulators continue to receive reports of muscle injury in patients taking a combination of simvastatin, which is used in the controversial cholesterol drug Vytorin, and the heart-rhythm medication amiodarone. Patients taking amiodarone and doses of simvastatin higher than 20 milligrams a day are at particular risk for suffering from a rare muscle injury that can lead to kidney failure or death, the Food and Drug Administration said in an alert to health-care professionals Friday.
Read article in the Wall Street Journal (USA)
Comment: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s no such thing as a safe drug. Given therefore that most drug combinations are almost invariably untested before being given to patients, doctors would clearly do well to remember this fact.

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GMO News

August 13, 2008

Prince Charles says GMO crops will be "disaster"
Britain's Prince Charles said on Wednesday the widespread use of genetically modified crops would be the biggest environmental disaster of all time. The 59-year-old heir to the British throne is well known for supporting organic farming, but his comments published in an interview with the Daily Telegraph were his most outspoken yet on GMO foods.
Read news report at reuters.com

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Other Health-related News

August 12, 2008

Push to Amend the FDA Globalization Act Now
Dietary supplements and most nutritional foods are currently regulated under the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education (DSHEA) law. As proposed, the Globalization bill would eliminate the distinction from conventional food products. If treated as conventional foods, for example, every time a small supplement or nutritional food manufacturer changed or added a new ingredient, they would be required to get advanced FDA approval under the New Dietary Ingredient regulations applying to conventional food products, as opposed to the less-regulated DSHEA provisions.
Read press release on the National Health Federation (NHF) website (USA)

August 11, 2008

Pain 'linked with low vitamin D'
Low levels of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, may contribute to chronic pain among women, scientists believe.
Read article on the BBC News website (UK)

August 11, 2008

Lack of vitamin D linked to higher death risk: study
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to 26 percent greater risk of death in men and women, according to a study published Monday that appears to confirm the importance of this essential nutrient. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore, Maryland, studied 13,000 initially healthy men and women from 1994 to 2000, comparing the mortality rate between those with low and normal levels of vitamin D in the blood. They found that of the 1,800 people who died by December 31, 2000 -- 700 from cardiovascular diseases -- 400 were deficient in vitamin D, which translated to a 26 percent increased risk of death.
Read AFP news report at google.com

August 8, 2008

Codex Alimentarius: Globalizing Food
Codex Alimentarius, according to its website, was created in 1963 by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Program. The stated purposes of this Program are protecting the health of consumers, ensuring fair trade practices and promoting coordination of food standards. At first sight, that seems a worthwhile goal. Unfortunately, the nice words hide a more sinister reality.
Read article by Sepp Hasslberger on the Health Supreme website

August 7, 2008

The real story of vitamin C and cancer
What was all the fuss about?
Tuesday 5th August saw worldwide media headlines claiming that intravenous vitamin C is the new wonder drug for destroying cancer cells. Exciting stuff and hopeful too for the millions of cancer sufferers out there, but is it new and is it the full story?  We would have to say no to both questions.
Read article by Dr Steve Hickey and Dr Hiliary Roberts on the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) website (UK)

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Political News

August 13, 2008

'Snooper's charter' to check texts and emails
· Hundreds of public bodies to access personal details
· Home Office measure driven by EU directive
Local councils, health authorities and hundreds of other public bodies are to be given the power to access details of everyone's personal text, emails and internet use under Home Office proposals published yesterday. Ministers want to make it mandatory for telephone and internet companies to keep details of all personal internet traffic for at least 12 months so it can be accessed for investigations into crime or other threats to public safety. The Home Office last night admitted that the measure will mean companies have to store "a billion incidents of data exchange a day". As the measure is the result of an EU directive, the data will be made available to public investigators across Europe.
Read article in the Guardian (UK)
Comment: Disturbing though this development is, the list of organizations that have access to personal information of this type in the UK is already of serious concern as it includes the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Worse still, when the UK’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act was discussed in the British House of Lords in 2000, it emerged that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain is considered to be a public authority and that it uses “covert surveillance”.

August 4, 2008

U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy, Says Top Budget Committee Republican
The ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee said the U.S. government is headed toward bankruptcy if it stays on its current fiscal course. “We know that for a fact,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told CNSNews.com in a video interview. “All the actuaries, all the objective scorekeepers of the federal government, are predicting this.” To back up this claim, Ryan cited an estimate by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office that says the government faces a $53-trillion shortfall to cover the costs of promised benefits in its entitlement programs.
Read article at cnsnews.com (USA)

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