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February 05, 2008

Road Map to Affordable Health Care for all

On January 15, 2008, the New York Times and other international newspapers reported about a clinical study with a combination of two cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) that showed shocking results: Patients receiving these drugs developed coronary artery plaques - the cause of heart attacks - twice as fast as the control group. Worse, the drug makers had withheld this crucial data for almost 2 years - despite the fact that 5 million people are currently taking them. Statin drugs are a $40 billion annual business built entirely on the perception that they prevent heart attacks. The collapse of this perception threatens the credibility of the entire drug industry. A Congressional investigation is pending.

On January 31, 2008, our Foundation published a public health message in the New York Times, providing further detailed information on the multi-billion dollar organized fraud of the drug industry for the three major diseases of our time, namely heart disease, cancer and AIDS.

Click here to read this public health message.

Road Map to Health

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation's Road Map to Health book is now available to read online or to download as a PDF.

Road Map to Health documents in a series of Open Letters by Dr. Rath - published in the New York Times and other international newspapers - how the pharmaceutical industry invested in the takeover of the White House by the Bush Administration - and has held commanding control over the executive branch of US government ever since.

A historic document, we have published this book to reflect our conviction that the current impasse in world affairs can be overcome. If the people of the world know the facts and join together, mankind will soon enter a new era where today's most common diseases are being largely eradicated and are no longer promoted as the basis for the pharmaceutical investment business.

We invite everyone to travel this road with us and join the global health liberation movement.

Click here to read the book or to download it as a PDF.

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