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September 4, 2007

European Commission issues "Orientation Paper" on setting maximum levels for vitamins and minerals

The European Commission has recently issued an "Orientation Paper" that outlines possible options for the setting of maximum levels of vitamins and minerals in all food supplements sold in Europe.

Sent to all European Union (EU) Member States on July 27, the issuing of this Paper signals that the Commission is now gearing up in preparation for its upcoming effort to unify these levels across the 27 EU countries.

We find it regrettable, therefore, that the Commission has not seen fit to issue the Paper publicly on its website and that it has opted instead for a restricted distribution list that excludes ordinary consumers.

Clearly, it would appear that the Commission has yet again seen fit to ignore the interests of the very people who potentially have the most to lose from the setting of such levels.

As such, we remain concerned that the setting of restrictive maximum levels for vitamins and minerals could well result in the enactment of Europe-wide bans upon literally thousands of safe and effective food supplements, thus putting the financial interests of the multi-trillion dollar global pharmaceutical industry before the health interests and freedom of choice of almost a half-billion European citizens.

The Commission's Orientation Paper is currently expected to be discussed at a meeting of European Union Member State representatives in late September.

We will therefore continue to monitor these developments and ensure that you are kept updated.

To read the "Orientation Paper", click here.

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