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News & Comment – June 2015

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Are Psych Drugs Killing 500,000 Seniors?


Does the long term use of psychiatric drugs cause more harm than good? Yes, says Professor Peter C. Gotzche. And, he contends, the harm done by psych drugs causes a shocking 500,000 deaths in adults aged 65 and older every year in the Western World.


Drugs that do more harm than good are highly profitable to the Pharma Cartel as they result in still more drugs being prescribed to “treat” the health problems that are caused by them.

In contrast, vitamins and other effective natural health therapies that optimize cellular metabolism threaten the Cartel’s “business with disease” because they target the cellular cause of today’s most common diseases – and these natural substances cannot be patented.

To learn more about the Pharma Cartel and its strategies, read “The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry” on our website.

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South Africa's long walk to decline


The end of apartheid was signalled 25 years ago – but South Africa’s dreams lie in tatters.


The liberation of mankind from colonial structures and modern forms of global economic dependency has not been a straight road. Repeated setbacks have been imposed on this movement by global financial and economic interests. 

A good example of such a setback was the coup d’état against South African President Thabo Mbeki in 2008. The motives behind any forced regime change are generally exposed by the first major political turnaround of the new regime. Significantly, therefore, the first major change in South Africa was the announcement by the new post-Mbeki government of a “U-turn in AIDS policy” and the subsequent mass importation and distribution of toxic, patented ARV drugs.

If there was any scientific proof that ARV drugs are the “life-saving” solution to the AIDS epidemic, then this coup would have been in the interests of the South African people. Unfortunately however, there is no such scientific evidence. And as we explain here, this therefore means that there must have been other reasons for this coup.

Image: By Copyright World Economic Forum www.weforum.org / Eric Miller emiller@iafrica.com [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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B vitamins may slow cataract occurrence & development: AREDS data


Increased dietary intakes of B vitamins are associated with reduced incidence and decreased risks of developing different forms of cataracts in older people, says new data from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study Research Group.


Studies show that B vitamins are useful not only in controlling cataracts but also in overcoming many other health problems, including countering the negative effects of a common pesticide on fertilitycontrolling blood pressurepreventing Alzheimer’s disease and slowing cognitive declinereducing the risk of strokeeasing PMS symptomsreducing work-related stressreducing the risk of depression in seniors;improving the health of people with celiac disease and reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Image: Rakesh Ahuja, MD (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Wales proposes indoor ban on e-cigarettes


Wales could become the first part of Britain to ban e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces, after its devolved government set out plans for new laws Tuesday. The move is a bid to "prevent the re-normalisation of smoking", Wales' Health Minister Mark Drakeford said, with e-cigarettes enjoying a surge in new users.


Contrary to the claims by their manufacturers that they are harmless, e-cigarettes have been shown to contain up to 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents found in regular tobacco.

Research conducted in Japan has detected carcinogens such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in vapour produced by several types of e-cigarette liquid.

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EU parliament postpones TTIP trade deal vote


The European Parliament should have been taking a first vote on the controversial TTIP trade agreement with the United States. But 200 proposed amendments and a 2 million signature petition have caused a delay.


Also known as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is being negotiated between the Obama Administration and unelected bureaucrats of the so-called "Brussels EU”. Conducted in clandestine under the guise of "free trade” and "international harmonization“, the negotiations primarily serve the goal of protecting the trillion-dollar-per-year global business with patented pharmaceutical drugs. 

The greatest obstacle towards this goal is the "Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act” (DSHEA) – the law that has guaranteed free access to natural therapies for millions of Americans since 1994. Across the United States, every member of the natural health community, every health food store and every citizen needs to be alerted: TTIP/TAFTA threatens US vitamin freedom and would inevitably destroy DSHEA!

Every citizen in Europe also needs to be alerted: TTIP/TAFTA would inevitably flood Europe with GMOs, destroy environmental safeguards and threaten entire economies!

For more information, please visit our Say NO to TAFTA! campaign page.

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Use of osteoporosis drugs have dropped following media reports of safety concerns


Following a decade of steady growth, use of bisphosphonates—medications that are effective for treating osteoporosis—declined in the United States by more than 50% from 2008 to 2012.


Ironically, given that bisphosphonate drugs are supposed to prevent bone loss in osteoporosis patients, they are well known to be associated with an increased risk of fractures of the thigh bone and osteonecrosis of the jaw.

However, causing new diseases with drugs is actually one of the key strategies of the pharmaceutical industry. In contrast, by treating the root cause of osteoporosis – micronutrient deficiencies – research and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of natural therapies in fighting it.

To learn more about the natural control of osteoporosis, visit the online library on the World Health Alphabetization website.

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New research calls for vitamin D supplementation in critically ill pediatric burn patients


Deficiency of vitamin D is a common problem for patients with severe burn injuries and can lead to further health compromise.


An insufficient supply of vitamin D is known to be associated with an increased risk of developing a wide variety of diseases and common health problems.

Hardly surprisingly, therefore, research and clinical studies have proven that maintaining an optimum level of this micronutrient is a crucial factor for our health.

To learn more about vitamin D, visit the online library on the World Health Alphabetization website.

Image: By National Cancer Institute [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Can Africa lead the way on renewable energy?


There is a popular joke doing the rounds in Cape Town at the moment. Question: What did South Africa use before candles? Answer: Electricity. For people living here, it is not that funny.


For over a century now, special interests have been controlling the people of the world through maintaining the “tyranny of oil”.

Even today, despite the fact that there are natural non-polluting alternatives available to oil, gas and other fossil fuels, these interest groups are trying to prevent us from learning about them and accessing them. Why are they doing this? They are doing it for profit and to maintain their control over the world’s energy supplies.

In the area of energy, therefore, the goal of the Movement of Life is to end the global dependency on oil and bring about a change to renewable energy. To learn more, visit the Free Energy for All section of the Movement of Life website.

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Cabbage Beats Chemo For Cervical Cancer


Mainstream medicine's cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy are far from a cure. In fact, they make cancer more deadly. But new research shows some common vegetables may be more effective in battling cancer.


Studies show that extracts from cabbage leaves, cauliflower, carrot root, broccoli leaf and other cruciferous vegetables have strong antioxidant and anti-cancer effects.

To learn about the proven health benefits of these and other important plant components, visit the phytobiologicals.com website.

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Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance


Two years ago today, three journalists and I worked nervously in a Hong Kong hotel room, waiting to see how the world would react to the revelation that the National Security Agency had been making records of nearly every phone call in the United States. In the days that followed, those journalists and others published documents revealing that democratic governments had been monitoring the private activities of ordinary citizens who had done nothing wrong.


Our leaders are lying to us when they tell us that, in order to fight terrorism, they need to read our emails, listen to our phone conversations and track every movement we make.

Ultimately, the only reason for this gargantuan data collection is that they are afraid of us, the people, waking up and replacing the economic tools of the multinational corporate Oil and Drug Cartel via which they control us. For if this happens, the termination of the Cartel’s dictatorial rule will inevitably follow.

Towards the goal of protecting your inalienable human rights and bringing about positive change, we urge you to support the Movement of Life by signing its petition and considering becoming a volunteer coordinator.

Image: Laura Poitras / Praxis Films [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Monsanto plans to move headquarters from US to UK


Monsanto, the US seed and agrochemicals group known for its genetically modified crops, wants to switch its headquarters from the US to the UK as part of a complex merger deal designed to unlock tax savings for shareholders.


The most significant aspect of this proposed move is that Monsanto is also considering changing its company name.

This is a sure sign it is becoming fearful that the anti-GMO movement is winning the battle to stop the reckless manipulation of our food supply.

Monsanto can change its name to whatever it wants, but a desperate public relations move like this won’t fool anyone.

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Big names for secretive Bilderberg summit


A list of participants has been published ahead of the highly secretive annual Bilderberg conference which takes place this week at the Interalpen Hotel near Innsbruck in Austria’s Tyrol region. Bankers, royalty, finance ministers, prime ministers, past and current US Congress and parliament members, media moguls, technology gurus, CEOs and think-tankers are among the 140 guests from 22 countries who will meet between June 11th and 14th.


Regularly attended by key stakeholders of the Oil and Drug Cartel, the Bilderberg Group’s secret meetings have taken place on an annual basis since 1954.

Led by a Steering Committee that reads like a Who’s Who of representatives from multi-billion dollar corporations, the “grandfather” of the group is David Rockefeller, the grandson of John D Rockefeller, creator and guiding force of the pharmaceutical ‘Business With Disease’.

In November 2009, in a rare publicly reported demonstration of its influence, the group played a key role in the appointment of Herman Van Rompuy as the first unelected President of the Brussels EU Council.

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Anti-hypertensive Medications Can Increase The Possibility Of Stroke: Research


Blood pressure medications can increase the risk of having stroke, according to new research.


Conventional medicine concedes that the causes of high blood pressure are unknown in over 90% of patients. As a result, it confines itself to treating the symptoms of this disease. 

In contrast, Dr. Rath’s Cellular Medicine approach provides a breakthrough in our understanding of the causes, prevention and adjunct treatment of high blood pressure. The main cause of high blood pressure is a chronic deficiency of essential nutrients in millions of artery wall cells. Among other functions, these cells are responsible for the availability of “relaxing factors” (nitric oxide), which decrease vascular wall tension and keep the blood pressure within normal range.

The natural amino acid arginine, vitamin C and other components of Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations contribute to the optimum availability of these artery wall relaxing factors.

To learn more, visit the Cellular Health section of our website and this issue of the Dr. Rath Research Institute newsletter.

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Danish rightwing party to push for British-style EU referendum


A Danish rightwing party expected to hold the balance of power after an election later this month has endorsed a British-style referendum on EU membership, a position that could crack the pro-EU consensus of northern Europe's political elite.


In the Brussels EU today, the health and lives of European citizens are controlled by corporate interests whose multi-billion dollar profits derive from turning the human body into a marketplace. The common denominators of these interests, which primarily include the pharmaceutical and genetically modified food industries, are patented products that serve the interests of giant investment groups at the expense of the health and lives of millions of people.

Naturally, our own vision for the future of Europe is a very different one and calls for the right to health; the right to life; the right to natural food; the right to a healthy environment; respect for human dignity and the protection of social values.

To learn more and to sign the petition calling for a Europe for the People, by the People, visit the European Referendum Initiative website.

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Green tea supplement backed for prostate cancer reduction: RCT findings


Consumption of a green tea extract has been suggested to reduce rates of cancer in certain individuals while reducing levels of the cancer biomarker prostate-specific antigen (PSA), say researchers.


Studies conducted at the Dr. Rath Research Institute under the direction of Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki have shown that the green tea extract epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) has multifaceted actions in cancer prevention and carcinogenesis.

A potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrient, it works in synergy with other micronutrients such as vitamin C, lysine and proline in simultaneously controlling multiple mechanisms in cancer growth and spread. 

Research carried out at the Institute has proven that a specific combination of micronutrients containing EGCG is effective in preventing cancer metastasis by inhibiting the action of collagen digesting enzymes and, in addition, the growth of new blood vessels to the tumor (anti-angiogenesis).

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