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News & Comment – August 2015

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Continuous supplementation with carotenoids may further boost eye health: Study


Sustained supplementation with the macular carotenoids can lead to greater augmentation of macular pigment and improve contrast sensitivity, says a new study.


Research and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of micronutrients in helping control eye diseases such as glaucoma, night blindness, cataracts, optic neuritis and others.

To learn more, visit the worldwide studies and research page on our Foundation website.

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Supplements save public health money: Review


Using food supplements in care homes and the wider community could spell big public savings, say the researchers behind a review of 19 papers.


Evidence is growing that daily use of supplements can reduce national healthcare costs. At the global level, the potential economic savings that can be made are truly astronomical.

For example, a study published in 2011 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) found that the total economic impact of just the five leading chronic diseases alone – cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease, and respiratory disease – could reach $47 trillion by 2030. Following the publication of this study, the WEF’s senior director of health admitted publicly that this outcome has the potential to bankrupt national healthcare systems. 

As such, the time to act is now. A new healthcare system is possible – but it depends on all of us, acting together, to bring it about.

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Amino acids may improve arterial health and blood pressure: Study


Increased intake of select amino acids may improve blood pressure and measures of arterial health in healthy women, says a new study from England.


One in every three adults – approximately 67 million people in the United States – already has high blood pressure, with many more having pre-hypertension. Hypertension, the medical term for high blood pressure, is diagnosed when blood pressure readings are consistently higher than 140/90.

Worldwide, there are over 1 billion people living with uncontrolled hypertension and the number is expected to increase 60% by the year 2025. The lifetime risk of developing high blood pressure is more than 90% after the age 55-60.

To learn how micronutrient synergy helps in high blood pressure, read this issue of the Dr. Rath Research Institute’s fortnightly news page.

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The ‘Coalition’ Enlisted to Assist a Youth Refusing Court-Ordered Cancer Treatment


After the sides were unable to reach agreement, askanim, a number of rabbonim, Hatzalah organizations, legal experts, musicians and others were called together to form the “coalition” to deal with the case of a young chareidi boy diagnosed with cancer but refusing chemotherapy. He has been hospitalized against his will and is being forced to receive treatment in Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. The “coalition” is dealing with police, the state prosecutor and hospital officials, seeking to maintain a dialogue between the patient, the family and the various state agencies.


So desperate is the Pharma Cartel to prevent you from learning that victory over cancer is possible without chemotherapy, not even innocent children are allowed to refuse its toxic treatments.

As the mother of young Dominik Feld asked after her son’s tragic death at the hands of the Cartel in 2004, how can it be that our governments can literally force children to be subjected to treatment with chemotherapy against their will? As Dr. Rath has always pointed out, “Good health is not given to us voluntarily, we need to fight for it.”

For our Foundation, therefore, eradicating cancer essentially depends on one key factor: How quickly can we spread the news that this disease is now controllable safely and naturally?

Image: By Derek K. Miller [CC BY-NC 2.0], via flickr.com

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Curcumin for sports nutrition? RCT supports role for pain reduction after heavy exercise


Supplements of curcumin, the yellow pigment that gives turmeric its color, may reduce pain associated with exercise, and perhaps boost performance, says a new study.


Research shows that curcumin is effective in helping control depression, inflammation, cancer, arthritis and osteoarthritis, as well as neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, autoimmune and neoplastic diseases.

To read study abstracts on the health protective effects of curcumin and other specific plant compounds, visit the phytobiologicals.com website.

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The revolving door: greasing the wheels of the TTIP lobby


The prospective EU-US trade deal TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) could be the world's biggest such treaty. While there are disagreements and divergences, in many areas of the negotiations the European Commission is singing from the corporate hymn-sheet. The revolving door between the public and private sectors is helping to grease the wheels of the TTIP corporate lobby. Some of the EU's most senior decision-makers and officials, alongside those from the member state levels, spin through the revolving door into corporate advisor roles; others go in the other direction, from corporate jobs into the public sector.


The revolving door cases cited here cover some of the largest Brussels EU corporate lobby sectors, including food and agriculture; finance; pharmaceuticals; and many others.

Also known as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), this trade deal represents a serious threat to vitamin freedom in the United States and, moreover, would inevitably flood Europe with GMOs, destroy environmental safeguards and threaten entire economies!

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CT scanning shown to cause DNA damage, study finds


Computerized tomography (CT) scans may cause cellular damage— a finding that further encourages doctors to use the lowest radiation dose possible as a precaution, according to preliminary research from the Stanford University School of Medicine.


The early detection of health problems is very important in curtailing the progress of, or eliminating, disease at its onset. Over the last decades, various imaging techniques such as X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI and CT scans have been developed and applied to diagnostic, as well as therapeutic, medical care.

However, in recent years, many doctors – and especially radiologists – have become concerned with the overuse of certain diagnostic techniques, in particular those that expose patients to radiation.

To learn how to use diagnostic technologies wisely and for the benefit of your health, read this article by Bilwa Bhanap, MD, and Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, PhD.

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Teenager with stomach ache dies of accidental paracetamol overdose


A teenage girl accidentally killed herself with an overdose of paracetamol tablets after complaining she was ill with stomach ache, an inquest heard.


A recent scientific review looked at the risks of taking paracetamol on a long-term basis and found that its dangers are seemingly being underestimated even by doctors.

Published online in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, researchers from the UK examined eight studies assessing the association between chronic use of the painkiller and major adverse events.

Contrary to the general impression given by the pharma industry and its stakeholders that paracetamol is a safe “cure-all” drug, the researchers discovered that long term use of it raises the risk of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, renal failure, gastrointestinal bleeding and early death.

Image: By Michelle Tribe from Ottawa, Canada (500) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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