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Undernutrition and lepromatous leprosy. Serum vitamin A and E levels in leprosy spectrum.

Rao KN; Saha K
Indian J Lepr 1988 Jan;60(1):66-70

Serum vitamins A and E were estimated by spectrophotocolorimetric methods in 67 leprosy patients comprising 9 BT, 10 BB, 15 BL, 27 LL, including 12 Histoid cases. These findings were evaluated in comparison to 55 normal subjects serving as controls. A significant reductions in the mean serum levels of Vitamins 'A' and 'E' were observed in the leprosy groups as compared to normal controls. These findings are of considerable importance and need to be taken note of in the light of delineating these alterations to the cause or effect of the disease. As far as we know, this is the first report describing serum levels of Vitamins 'A' and 'E' in the leprosy spectrum.