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Zastosuvannia kompleksu vitaminiv z mineralamy "Mul'ty-Tabs" z metoiu profilaktyky hrypu. [The use of the Multi-Tabs vitamin and mineral complex to prevent influenza]

Kononenko VV; Rudenko AO; Vasylenko LH; Myronenko AH
Lik Sprava 1998 May;(3):107-9

Investigations were conducted designed to study effects of the complex of vitamins with minerals "Multi-Tabs" (Denmark) as a preventive measure devised to combat influenza during the 1997 influenza epidemic in Ukraine. The article contains epidemiological characterization of the above epidemic. Used in 160 adults and 55 children "Multi-Tabs" has been shown to be an effective means of the influenza and ARD prophylaxis in an epidemic setting both in adults and children. The above drug is also endowed with a marked hemostimulating activity, which fact was manifested by improvement in parameters characterizing red blood.