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SARS epidemic exposes the failings of the World Health Organization

Dr Rath discusses the motives behind the SARS public health information campaign and details the reasons why the WHO are in part to blame for this epidemic. Read the full information.

Why did you launch a SARS public health information campaign in South Asia?

The main reason is because I realized that the organization that should and must do this public health information work - the World Health Organization - is not doing it. They have failed to provide basic health information about the effects of simple, natural, non-patentable preventive health measures for this disaster to millions of people. And in part they are to blame for this epidemic that threatens entire cities and countries.

Public health information rather than a commercial advert?

There is no commercial background to it because we are a foundation that is a non-profit organization and the purpose of this organization is to disseminate natural health information world wide. We are doing that in Europe and America every day, contributing to public awareness about natural health remedies and in this case, with an epidemic like SARS knocking on the door of entire continents, it was our obligation to provide this basic health information to the people, to the doctors and to the health politicians in these countries. Everyone can now take advantage of this information. They do not need to believe me. They can verify the information on the internet where there are more than 10,000 studies in every large medical library confirming what I say.

You are saying there are more than 10,000 studies?

Yes, Medline for example. Go to Medline and others which are publicly accessible internet databases where clinical studies and research data are published for everyone to see. They document the health benefits of natural health ingredients including vitamins and certain amino acids in fighting diseases, including helping to prevent the spread of viruses in the human body.

The point on this is that the patients and the doctors are not aware of these studies because the training system of the doctors has failed to educate them about it. And as no-one has been communicating these studies to them so, if a doctor wants to use it, he has to go on a search for himself to find these studies.

The other remarkable fact is the reason why the World Health Organization is not doing this. It is not because they don’t know it or because it is not true. The reason why the World Health Organization is not promoting proven, effective natural health therapies is because the World Health Organization is part of a larger picture dominated by the pharmaceutical investment business. The pharmaceutical industry is an investment industry based on making money from patented drugs. Vitamins and natural remedies are not patentable and therefore they constitute fierce competition to the pharmaceutical industry. And as long as the World Health Organization does not know its role is to serve the health interests of 6 billion people rather than the financial interests of a handful of shareholders of the pharmaceutical investment business; as long as that is the case, my criticism on the World Health Organization is justified.

What are the values you believe in?

The key value is responsibility. I am a child of this planet, here for a certain period of time and I want to hand over this planet to the next generation and I want to say I lived here with responsibility. I had the privilege to work with the double Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, who received his second Nobel Prize for doing just the same thing. He created awareness about the children dieing from atmospheric nuclear tests. Atomic bombs tested in the atmosphere and their radioactive fallout had already led to tens of thousands of children being born with disabilities because of genetic mutation. The action, the civil courage of this man brought together 13,000 signatures for a petition in 1962. That brought about the nuclear test ban of 1963. And for that he got the Noble Prize. If you have the privilege to work together with people like that you orient your own life for values other than just money.

So what makes you different from other doctors or scientists you know?

I may be a little bit ahead of my time.

What do you mean by that?

Currently, medicine is focusing on organs, meaning there is the cardiologist taking care of the heart; the gastroenterologist taking care of the intestines; the orthopaedic doctor taking care of the bones and so on. However, science, biochemistry and ultimately my own research shows that health and disease are determined not at the level of organs but at the level of the millions of cells that make up these organs. For example, heart disease doesn’t start in the heart, it starts in the cells that make up the heart and if these cells function properly diseases will not develop. The single most important factor why these cells do not function properly is because they lack the appropriate nutrition, the micronutrients (in particular vitamins, certain amino acids and certain minerals) that are needed for the metabolism of these cells.

In the case of viral diseases it goes even further. We do know today that vitamin C, for example, can block the spread of the deadliest virus known to mankind - the AIDS virus - by more than 99 percent. I have published the reference from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States in the open letters, so everyone could look it up. This information can stop the AIDS epidemic as we speak or reduce it to thousandths of its current size, by just applying that simple message. And again the reason why it is not done is because this basic lifesaving natural health information is deliberately blocked by an interest group, the pharmaceutical industry group, that makes money from the existence of these diseases and from selling expensive patented drugs that may or may not work. And in the case of SARS, they do not have a solution at all. So it is irresponsible.

In summary, anyone knowing that there is a natural agent available anywhere in the world, at any quantity right now, that can be given to every person and not doing that - withholding this life saving information – that is a crime. You can quote me on that.

So would you call yourself an enemy of the pharmaceutical industry?

I don’t have enemies, I have 6 billion people who support and appreciate what we have been doing, myself, my colleagues in research, what we bring to the world. There is a process going on that in industry has been governing the health sector or controlling the health sector. The pharmaceutical industry that has failed to deliver health. They promised it, but they didn’t deliver it. And so there is an objective need irrespective of any emotions. An objective need to replace a model, a business model, an investment business model, based on continuation of disease, with something that works. And that is what we call Cellular Health.

Would you like to elaborate on that?

The point here is the following. If I would say something that is wrong, something that is libel and slander and cannot be proven, don’t you think that the pharmaceutical industry would long ago have sued me for libel or slander? Closed down my business with just a word against me for bad-mouthing them and saying incorrect things about them, that harms their business? None of that has happened. To the contrary, 3 weeks ago, the largest weekly journal in Europe, “Der Spiegel” came out with a 10 page article confirming every word that I just said to you. They did not criticize a single pharmaceutical company for doing wrong, they said the entire business model of the pharmaceutical industry is a fraud. It risks the death of millions of people from selling pharmaceutical drugs that in 80 percent of cases have no proven efficacy. They said this industry is ruining the economies of just about every country in the world. Now this is not Dr. Rath talking, this is the largest weekly in Europe “Der Spiegel” in its edition of March 30th, 2003.