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10 Cornerstones of an Effective and Affordable Health Care System in Any Country

These 10 basic principles will improve the health of people in any country of the industrialized world as well as the developing world. They can be immediately implemented at the local, national and regional level. They can immediately be put into action by patients and citizens as well as private and public institutions.

Any government is well advised to act immediately to improve the health of its citizens and save billions in health care costs.

Most importantly, by implementing these 10 cornerstones of natural health, everyone can help to stop the pharmaceutical investment ‘business with disease’ which is based primarily on ineffective and frequently dangerous patented drugs. By doing so everyone - man and woman, young and old, rich and poor - can help to take the money away from those unscrupulous investment circles that are now risking a world war to maintain control of their trillion dollar ‘business with disease.’

1 The prevention and treatment of diseases based on their root causes instead of the treatment of symptoms.

Eighty percent of pharmaceutical drugs currently prescribed to patients have no proven efficacy; at the very best, they only alleviate symptoms without addressing the root cause of the disease. Future healthcare systems will focus on prevention and treatment based on the root causes of disease. This system of healthcare will lead to the eventual eradication of the most common diseases.

2 Healthy functioning of body cells is a precondition of health.

In the human body, health and disease are determined at the level of cells. The main cause of cellular dysfunction is the insufficient intake of micronutrients essential for optimum cellular metabolism. For this reason, the optimum daily intake of essential micronutrients is a precondition for human health. Cellular Health defines three principles for health as follows:

3 Cellular Health Principle #1 – Optimum Supply of Cellular Energy.

Essential nutrients are required for maintaining cellular energy metabolism. An optimum supply of these nutrients is a prerequisite for the prevention of irregular heartbeat (energy deficiency in myocardial cells responsible for regular heartbeat), heart failure (energy deficiency in myocardial cells responsible for contraction of the heart muscle and blood pumping) and similar conditions.

4 Cellular Health Principle #2 – Optimum Connective Tissue Strength in Soft Tissues.

Approximately one half of body proteins are composed of collagen, elastin, and other connective tissue molecules. Their production is regulated by vitamin C and the amino acids lysine and proline, which are the main building blocks of these proteins. The human body cannot produce vitamin C or lysine; however, its health from birth to death is primarily dependent on an optimum supply of these nutrients. The application of this knowledge will decrease the incidence of catastrophic health conditions such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and many other diseases to a fraction of their current rates.

5 Cellular Health Principle #3 – Optimum Connective Tissue Stability in Hard Tissues.

The stability of the skeletal system, including our teeth, is determined by the optimum production of collagen molecules (facilitated by vitamin C, lysine, and proline) and the proper introduction of essential minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) and trace elements. The systematic implementation of this knowledge will largely prevent widespread diseases such as osteoporosis (bones), caries (teeth), and peridontosis (gums).

What Can I Do?

6 Independent Health Information and Education Is the Key to Health.

Although we are at the beginning of the third millennium, it is still a little-known fact that the human body does not produce vitamin C or lysine, two key nutrients in determining human health and disease. This is directly due to the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to suppress this information. The health illiteracy of millions protects trillions of dollars in drug profits. The dissemination of basic health information and the implementation of health education from childhood to advanced age is the foundation of a New Global Healthcare System.

7 Comprehensive Research in Natural Health Is a Cornerstone of a New Global Healthcare System.

Currently, medical research is being driven by the share prices of drug companies, not the health needs of people. Conversely, the implementation of Cellular Health principles has saved billions in healthcare costs, and these dollars should be reinvested into further research in natural health.

Already, it has become apparent that many more diseases are connected to cellular deficiencies of essential nutrients. The introduction of comprehensive natural health research programs as part of public health policies would largely eliminate most common diseases as the causes of disability and death.

What Can I Do?

8 Adopt the Scientific Principles of Cellular Health.

Each year, millions of people die from diseases that can be prevented and controlled by natural means. The adoption of the scientific principles of Cellular Health into healthcare policies by all the governments of the world will save millions of lives and billions of dollars in public and private funds over time. These dollars could then be used to address the other basic needs of society.

What Can I Do?

9 Elect Political Officials Who Defend the People’s Right to Natural Health.

Politicians who continue to support legislation that restricts the dissemination of natural health information are guilty of endangering the health and lives of the people who elected them. All politicians who continue to obstruct natural health rather than support it will be held accountable for their actions. Elected political leaders have a responsibility to protect the lives of citizens and to promote effective, safe and affordable health measures as the basis of health policies in their countries.

What Can I Do?

10 Outlaw the Pharmaceutical Industry’s “Business With Disease,” Not the Dissemination of Information on Effective, Safe and Affordable Natural Health.

To protect their trillion-dollar markets of largely ineffective drugs, pharmaceutical companies are trying to fight off their fiercest competition: effective, safe, and affordable essential nutrients. The pharmaceutical lobby abuses the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission, the EU Parliament and many other national and international political bodies.