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Good food 'critical to fighting disease'

Communicating nutrition research to the consumers will be a major key strategy to improving healthy food consumption/making right dietary choices. Nutrition education (public enlightenment) is probably the most important determinant in changing peoples’ dietary habits for better nutrition, unless people know that a particular food is good/bad for their health, they will most likely continue in ignorance to the detriment of their health and life.

JOHANNESBURG (Dispatch Online / January 22, 2003) -- In a media statement released after the Southern African Development Community (SADC) ministerial meeting on nutrition and HIV-Aids, Tshabalala-Msiang said: "There is a need to ensure that we strengthen our nutrition and health promotion programmes.

"Good nutrition is critical ... for success of any medical intervention against diseases including Aids-related treatment.

Therefore "the challenge of food security in the region needs to be addressed".

Tshabalala-Msimang said the SADC commended the efforts of member states to assist the 14million people in the region threatened with famine.