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Rockefeller family announce plan to withdraw fossil fuel investments and move into clean energy: But what about their holdings in the “Business with Disease”?

In an unexpected development, the Rockefeller family has announced it is planning to withdraw its philanthropic fund’s fossil fuel investments and move into clean energy instead. Having made one of the world’s largest fortunes through the oil business over the past 140 years or so, they claim they are preparing to slash the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) holdings in fossil fuels to less than one percent of its total portfolio and reinvest in “clean energy technologies and other business strategies that advance energy efficiency”.

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Interview with Movement of Life Cyprus team member Sofia Matsi by Paul Anthony Taylor.

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In recent months the so-called “Ice Bucket Challenge” has become a social media phenomenon. The money raised through it over the past month alone towards funding research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is already nearing $100 million. Principally promoted by the ALS Association in the United States, the basic idea behind the challenge is that people dump a bucket of ice water over their head, donate money, then nominate a friend to do likewise.

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In recent weeks the Ebola epidemic has made headlines all over the world. Ebola is a highly infective and fatal viral disease that deserves to be taken very seriously. However, as always, such outbreaks are immediately being instrumentalised by those interest groups that have established a global business with diseases and the fears that accompany them – namely, the pharmaceutical investment business.

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This speech, entitled “Movement of Life – Foundation of a New World” was given by Dr. Matthias Rath on 24 May 2014 at a conference held in Auschwitz, Poland. Dedicated to August Kowalczyk, a former prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp, it describes how the only way to ensure the survival of mankind is to publicly unmask the plans of the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Petrochemical Cartel and enable the people of the world to look behind its curtain of deception.

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At a meeting held in Auschwitz, Poland, on 24 May, 2014, survivors of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps met for a one day conference with representatives of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation and the Movement of Life. A follow-up to previous conferences held in 2007 and 2013, the key goal at this year’s meeting was to plan the next steps for the global Movement of Life campaign.

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APRIL 2014 – A new publication from the Dr. Rath Research Institute, now available in the International Journal of Oncology, demonstrates that dietary intake of micronutrients acting in synergy can significantly suppress tumor growth and metastasis from breast cancer cells injected into the mammary pads of mice. This in vivo and in vitro study further supports the efficacy of this new natural approach in the control of cancer.

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APRIL 2014 – The proposal for a "Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Area" (TAFTA) is being strongly pushed by the Trans-Atlantic Business Council (TABC). Representing over 70 multinational corporations headquartered in the U.S. and EU, TABC's member companies include some of the largest pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and financial sector companies on the planet.

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In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, a powerful tropical cyclone, devastated the Philippines. The country's deadliest typhoon on record, over 6,000 Filipino people lost their lives, over 28,000 were injured and over 1 million homes were partially or completely destroyed. Such was the destruction that, even as of January 2014, bodies were still being found.

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Save Vitamin Freedom - Say No to TAFTA!

Brussels EU approves GM corn and demonstrates yet again that it represents corporate interests

By approving the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) corn in Europe, the Brussels EU Council of Ministers has demonstrated yet again that the construct represents corporate interests. The corn, produced by the American chemicals giants Du Pont and Dow, was approved despite a majority of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) having voted against it and despite the fact that surveys show an overwhelming majority of people across Europe are opposed to GM foods.

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Since 2003, Dr. Rath has published over 40 Open Letters in the New York Times and other major international newspapers. Dealing with key issues relating to the Oil and Drug Cartel’s economic and political control of the world, they describe how the advent of new and superior technologies in the areas of energy and health are threatening the Cartel and will ultimately bring about its’ demise.

In this article, we look back at a selection of Open Letters and examine how the analyses contained in them have subsequently been proven to be correct.

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A clinical trial published in November 2013 found that long-term supplementation with multivitamins and selenium for HIV-infected patients in Botswana reduced the risk of immune decline and illness. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the world's most widely circulated medical journal, it is particularly notable that the patients in this study had not previously received toxic antiretroviral (ARV) drug therapy.

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Commentary on the Safety of Vitamins, by Dr Aleksandra Niedzwiecki: Time and again, the mass media presents alarming articles about the supposed dangers of taking vitamin supplements. Invariably, such articles are either without any merit or they exaggerate and misinterpret the studies referred to.

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